Over the past 16 years MCK has been awarded and acclaimed by the Australian Institute of Architects, the Institute of Interior Designers and the Australian Design Council for our outstanding contributions to Australian architecture. MCK was the recipient of the 2011 AIA NSW Chapter Wilkinson Award for the DPR House.

Several completed projects have been featured in national and international publications including “Next Wave – Emerging Talents in Australian Architecture”.

MCK has also taken part in exhibitions celebrating Sydney and Australian architecture and given guest lectures at the New South Wales and National Art Galleries.

In 2008 MCK was invited to contribute to ‘Abundant’, the Australian submission for the 11th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

2019 Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter Award Houses (new) – Sunrise House

2019 Concrete Institute of Australia, State Award for Excellence – Extruded House

2018 Architizer Architecture+Glass Awards, Special mention – Sunrise House

2016 Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter, Architecture Award – House Acute

2016 Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter, Commendation for W House

2015 Woollahra Design Excellence Awards – Commendation for New Residence: – Flipped House

2013 Australian Interior Design Awards – Residential Category Commendation – Skirt and Rock House

2013 Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter, Architecture Award for Flipped House

2012 Australian House and Garden Magazine ‘Top 50 Rooms Awards’ – Winner, Room of the Year – Skirt and Rock House

2012 Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter, Commendation for Skirt and Rock House

2011 Houses
Awards – Finalist: House Alteration + Addition over 200m2 – Paddingtonx2 House

2011 Houses Awards – Finalist: New House over 200m2 – DPR House

2011 Wilkinson Award – Excellence in Residential Building 2011; Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter award – DPR House

2010 IDA Interior Design Award – ‘Colour in a Residential Interior’ category – River House

2010 Australian Interior Design Awards, Commendation – Residential Design – Queens Park House

2008 RAIA State Residential ‘Single Housing – Alterations & Additions’ Architecture Award – Chatswood House

2007 Belle House Of The Year Award – 2nd Runner Up

2007 Dulux Colour Award ‘Residential Interior’ category – Bond House

TDA Excellence in Timber Design – Interior Fitout in Wood Veneer – MG House

TDA Res.Cl.1 Best Renovation – Highly Commended – White House

TDA Res.Cl.1 Best Renovation – Highly Commended – MG House

2006 IDA
Interior Design Commendation, ‘Residential Interior’ category – MG House

2006 Dulux Colour Award ‘Residential Exterior’ category – MG House

2005 RAIA National Residential Architecture Award – White House

2005 RAIA State Residential ‘Single Housing – Alterations & Additions’ Architecture Award – White House

2004 Australian Design Award, Residential Interior Design – White House

2004 IDA Interior Design Award, Refurbished Residential – White House

2002 NSW RAIA Residential Architecture Award – House for Art Collectors


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2011 Sydney Morning Herald, 2-3 July, ‘Accolade for the Building Blocks of Health Care’

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